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The creator of the OSO brand is the MOD studio, which has existed since 2015. with the same name brand – MOD. The brand has become recognisable for its unobtrusive and timeless design, as well as for the quality of handmade furniture made of completely natural materials, with an emphasis on furniture made of solid wood.

With its experience, dealing with solid wood furniture, the studio comes to the realisation that in addition to robust and massive pieces, there is a need for slimmer and more elegant elements of a more modern and urban spirit. During the research and thorough elaboration it was concluded that steel is the right material for this collection. In order to give the furniture a sophisticated note, in addition to the strength that steel provides, steel elements are also ennobled with other materials – wood, textiles and stone. By harmoniously combining various materials, each piece becomes a unique interior detail.

In most cases, OSO pieces are made of solid steel. High-quality fabrics with a distinct texture were used for the upholstered elements. The club and side tables stand out due to their shape and good proportions, as well as the specific selection of stone. Armrests, seat parts and table tops made of solid wood give warmth to the entire collection and connect OSO with the MOD brand, from which it all started.

Each piece of OSO furniture can be used in furnishing all types of spaces: residential, retail and business, as well as various catering spaces.

OSO Main Office
Skerlićeva 8, Vračar
Belgrade, Serbia
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